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Pensever Aviation Limited

The PAL Team

Pensever Aviation Ltd (PAL) is a company of security professionals;

Hilary Oliver, Managing Director

Hilary was appointed by Airlock Aviation Ltd in 2005 to design and develop the first external covert testing programmes for BAA. This was a new concept for BAA as previously all of their testing had been run ‘in house’, the programme was then rolled out to all seven airports in the group. It was a huge success and subsequently Airlock Aviation won many more contracts at international airports in the UK, government buildings and ports.

Hilary is one of the most experienced persons in the country in the field of covert testing.

In addition Hilary is a fully accredited DfT trainer.

Ron Oliver, Operations Director

Ron is an experienced security professional who has been in the industry for over thirty years which included the position of Airport Security Manager for BAA.

Ron was also instrumental in the initial phases of the Airlock Aviation covert test programme, this also includes the overt testing programme which has proved very popular over the years. Ron currently manages the Hold Baggage Screening Contract for the AOC at London Heathrow.

The Company

Pensever Aviation Ltd is a company that delivers a range of security services to the industry, which include but are not limited to the following;

  • Covert testing
  • Overt testing
  • HBS Management
  • ASM Initial Course
  • ASM Refresher Course
  • Cargo Courses
  • NXCT
  • X-ray training
  • Airport Supplies
  • Access Control testing

PAL has a diverse experienced team of core testing staff that have been in the business of covert testing since 2013. The team have significant experience of testing in both airport and port environments in numerous locations throughout the UK. All persons conducting tests for PAL will have signed a confidentiality agreement, have a 5 year background check and hold a current CRC. All the covert testing team have undergone sufficient security training in order for them to undertake their required task effectively. 

PAL work with their clients to provide the expertise in defining a covert/overt testing programme which is best suited to the needs of their business. PAL prides itself in providing quality feedback on the outcome of any test conducted; it is this quality feedback that can be used to redefine any further testing.